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Smart ice buckets, great promotional merchandise!

At last, an ice bucket you can take anywhere, anytime!

Been looking for that different piece of promotional merchandise to set your company apart? After a convenient substitute to a heavy, metal ice bucket? Had enough of carrying big wine coolers around? Need an attractive gift bag for a bottle of wine or champagne? Our tchillbag® can work as both bottle holders and as wine bottle coolers.

tchillbag® is your all-in-one wine bag, bottle holder, gift bag and ice bucket. It's stylish design and brilliant versatility mean you really can take it anywhere, anytime. These bottle holders are a quick and easy way to keep all your drinks cold, just add water and ice. Within minutes, you've got light, durable, non-toxic, portable wine bottle coolers! It even stands up when filled, without falling over.

Impress your friends, family, customers, clients and colleagues with this clever and individual piece of promotional merchandise. Choose from a variety of funky, vibrant colours and styles including Starry Dark Blue for the festive season or the Australian flag for Australia Day. Get your corporate branding printed directly on your tchillbag® for some creative promotional merchandise. These wine bottle coolers and bottle holders are excellent for any form of branding - so buy some today.

For some innovative corporate branding to set your business apart and show that you think outside the box call us on 1300 524 500 or click here to go to our online Contact page.

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